Having pets can be very calming and therapeutic for kids with ADHD or who are on the autism spectrum. Pets also benefit kids by helping to develop social skills and emotional intelligence. And if you give your kids some responsibility for pets in your home, they can quickly learn valuable lessons in responsibility.
If you're parenting a  child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, you likely find it a solid explanation for some extra stress you might have experienced so far as a parent. ADHD, short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a mental health condition that affects the ability of your child to control focus, stay organized, plan ahead, and control impulses.
As the temperatures rise again and the sun stays out longer, it becomes easier and more enjoyable to step out your door and explore nature. Even if your schedule makes it difficult to get your kids outside, it’s well worth it to find opportunities to get outside and immerse you and your family in a natural setting.
While you will likely be looking out for puffy eyes, runny noses, and sore throats in your kids, you may also find that your kids struggle in a number of other ways during allergy season. Here things to look for and how to address them.

By including foods that help reduce inflammation into your kids’ diet, you can help relieve both temporary seasonal allergy symptoms along with seeing improved mood and mental clarity all-year long. Here are some great foods to try with your kids!

While times of stress can make it difficult to model appropriate behavior, it’s these sorts of moments that can be powerful opportunities for you to model healthy coping skills for your kids.
Among all the benefits of digital technology in the modern age comes a need for balance, especially when it comes to raising kids.
Having a sensory toy to play with can be a great tool to use when you are on the go and need to help your child get back to a peaceful state. You and your child will also have a blast making these fun toys at home.
As simple as it may seem, maintaining mental focus is no easy task for some children. Challenges with focus can stem from conditions such as ADHD or other issues, and can be tricky to overcome at times. There are plenty of ways that you as a parent can help your child with their focus by using some simple strategies.
Not every food will affect your kids the same way when it comes to falling asleep, so making intentional decisions with the bedtime snacks you choose is important. Here are some of the most effective snacks that can help when it comes time to go to bed.
Even with increased knowledge and education about autism and the experience of people who are on the spectrum, there is still plenty of misinformation out there. As a parent of a child with autism or person who is close to people with autism, it is helpful to be able to separate myth from fact.