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The Key To Calm.

Neural Balance contains the patented ingredient Anandanol, and supports natural calm and focus, natural social interaction, and normal sleep patterns.

Natural Calm
Natural Calm Supplement

Are you or someone you love being held captive by these conditions?

• Lack of focus
• Aggression
• Irregular Sleep patterns
• Social anxiety
• Social withdrawal

Natural Focus
Natural focus Supplement

Formulated by a medical doctor and a pharmacist to help their own families.

By restoring a balance between inhibitory GABAergic pathways and glutamatergic pathways, Neural Balance with Anandanol has been reported to:

• Support Less Aggressive Behavior
• Support the Ability to Focus
• Support Natural Social Interaction
• Support Healthy Sleep
• Support Peace/Calm
• Support Natural Happiness & Well Being

Here's what they're saying about Neural Balance.

From Facebook: I can't offer better testimony than this; a text I just got from our youngest son's teacher. The Summer activities were stunted by elopement, hiding, much agitation; and the school year started the same. Now, 3 weeks in school, 4 weeks on Neural Balance, and "He had an excellent week!! Not sure what you have been feeding him, or not feeding him, but two major thumbs up. Which is great because he is such an awesomely creative and artistic's nice that he is able to show off some of his killer skills. So yes, great week, very productive. Have a great weekend! "
April T
Jenn H.
Amazon Verified Purchase: Next day at school was fantastic. It’s like day and night with this stuff! My son has autism and a serious behavior problem at school. He started taking this around November 15th and everyone definitely saw a change in him. November 29th he never drank his supplement before he went to school and that was his note home. Next day at school was fantastic. It’s like day and night with this stuff. He still gets upset but it’s so much more toned down when he does and it doesn’t turn into a huge meltdown. Big fan of this stuff 👍
Natasha H
Davi M.