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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it taste? 

  • Most people tell us that it tastes great.  It has a berry flavor so it tastes pretty good mixed with just water but you can put it in a smoothie, juice, or any drink or food.

Do you have a sample?

  • We don’t currently offer samples but we cover your order with a money back guarantee so, whether you return it after one scoop or you use the whole tub, we will offer you a refund of the purchase price if you are not happy.

How long does it take to work?

  • Some people report small changes within a few days but most say that consistent results start after about three weeks.  We encourage you to use the entire tub before coming to any conclusions. 

How much should I take/give my child?

  • For children 10 and under it’s good to use the “low and slow” method be offering a half scoop twice per day for the first two weeks and then increasing to a full scoop twice per day. 

Can Neural Balance cause an increase in hyperactivity or other behaviors? 

  • A small number of people have reported that the digestive enzymes included in our product have caused a short adjustment period.  Most of the time it levels out in about five to seven days. You may join our Facebook group to get tips and feedback from other parents about their experience. 

What about prescription medications or other supplements?

  • You should not take Neural Balance with CNS Depressants. It is fine to mix Neural Balance with other natural supplements.

Is it safe for pregnant women? 

  • No. You should not take Neural Balance if you are pregnant.

Where is my order? 

  • When your order has been packed and labeled, you will receive an email that says it is ready to ship.  When it ships, you will receive another email with tracking information. If you already received those emails and haven’t received your order, please email us at Please include your order number.

Is Neural Balance good for Autism, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, anxiety, sleep, etc.? 

  • On and off the Spectrum, Neural Balance with Anandanol supports natural sleep cycles, normal sensory processes, calm, and focus. People of all ages enjoy Neural Balance.

What is Anandanol?

What form of B6 do you use? 

  • We use B6 in the active P5P form for superior absorption without the need for conversion. This offers the full benefit of the active form of B6 immediately upon absorption.

Why do you include “Natural Flavors” in your drink mix? 

  • The natural flavors that we use are simply dehydrated fruit juice.  We know, we know, we are told to avoid “natural flavors” and with good reason.  Many of them should be avoided.  But, what you may not have been told is that labeling requirements and regulations dictate how we name our ingredients.  So, if a company uses dehydrated berry juice for flavoring, it must be listed as Natural Berry Flavor.  It stops us from being able to differentiate between cleaner flavor profiles and the ones that most people would avoid.  Those words are not always bad, but they often are, so don’t be afraid to ask a company for clarification.


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