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Maybe Helps

It might be helping with focus a little bit and he seems to be handling school issues better this year. I don’t know if it’s the Neural Balance or just another year getting older and more mature. It’s not magic and it took months to come in. Maybe worth trying if you have the budget.

does not work

Had I known the ingredients, I would not have ordered. I have these components already and they have no worked for me. Your product does not work for me, either. Please do not send any more.

Wonderful product - but you may need to use Lume in conjunction with it, though!

My son has been using the Neural Balance everyday for the last month or so, with phenomenal results! He has MUCH better self control in regulating his reactions and emotions now, and his focus in school has improved amazingly - I get glowing reports weekly, now, for how he is improving. I couldn't be happier with it!
The only downside that I've noticed thus far - and this might be particular to my child, mind you - is the body odor. I've noticed a drastic change in the 'scent' of his sweat overall, and its downright sour/rancid at times, TBH. He is at that age where there's an increase in sweat, too - and it did occur to me that the product might be helping his body to flush out some 'stored toxins' that were otherwise being held onto; so FYI for the other parents out there. We happen to use Lume deoderant, personally, and that helps immensely - but we will be getting their body soap very soon here, as well, just in case this effect is simply a normal byproduct from daily use of the supplement. It has only been a little less then 2 months, so, time will tell on that - and as a downside, its quite manageable.
Thank you for this wonderful product!

Neural Balance Brochure
Abbie o.R. (Bozeman, US)
Neural Balance brochure

Contains a lot of helpful information!

Love it

I am so glad we found this product. My teenage son has made a complete 360. He loves the calm and clarity he has throughout the day.

It's working! It's working!

I've tried a dozen or more medicines and supplements that are for sleep. Some have helped a bit. Neural Balance is helping a lot. It's been great!

Neural Balance & prescription

Neural Balance has helped my son establish a good foundation of focus and calm with his ADHD. He still takes a prescription medication, but has been able to keep the dose lower when combined with Neural Balance.

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Felicia A. (Wisconsin Rapids, US)

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)

Happiness in a bottle

I love this Neural Balance. My anxiety is gone and for the first time in my life I am living in the present.

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Lauren Z. (El Paso, US)

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)

Neural Balance

As an adult ADHD with Asthma, I find this product to be very effective in controling all of my symptoms. 5 stars.

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Lacie F. (Hillsdale, US)
This changed our lives

I started giving my autistic, nonverbal daughter neural balance when she was 2 years old. Neural balance has changed our lives. I first noticed her walking up stairs unassisted. She is now 6 and I still give it to her every day. If something happens where we can't, the difference in my daughter is very noticeable. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try it.

Neural Balance Bundle (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
KATHLEEN T. (Littleton, US)

I have a severe insomnia problem and not sure this is helping.

Great value!

Love this product. It’s the only one that’s ever really helped me get a good nights sleep and I’ve tried them all. So glad I found it.

Neural Balance Bundle (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
Maggie A. (Woodbridge, US)
The best

Very good product .I will keep ordering for my kids who are on the spectrum

Neural Balance Capsules (Save $10)
Brian J. (Minneapolis, US)
works very well

i was sceptical at first but they do work very well

Neural Balance Capsules Bundle (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
Jacqueline C. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Neural balance capsules

So convenient and easy to take.

Great product..but.

I’m very happy with the product quality and effectiveness. My only complaint is periodically there is apparently a supply problem that results in credit card being charged at time of order but the product arrives months later (2 months the 1st time a couple of years ago, and 4 months this last time)

Not 100% Yet!

We have been taking the supplement for about a month now, my son seems to have calmed down a little, not as much as I would like to see happen, I hope to see more changes in the next month, so I can update with a better report! Not happening as quickly as I would like!

Neural Balance Capsules (Save $10)
Claudia H. (El Paso, US)

Neural Balance Capsules (Save 20%)

Works, works, works!!

We love this product!! My son has been on it for a couple of years. When he first started taking Neural Balance we immediately noticed a change on him. His behavior and attention improved immensely! He is able to concentrate better at school. I recommend this product to all parents with kids in the Autism Spectrum!

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
Peter J. (Canyon Country, US)
To soon to comment, thanks for sending me my order

Haven't noticed any thing yet

Neural Balance Capsules (Save $10)
Michael M. (Land O' Lakes, US)
Trying for the first time

Currently testing out the product to see it’s effectiveness.

Neural Balance (Save $10)
Andrew C. (Jacksonville, US)
Pretty good.

Chills me out in the evening. I stopped using alcohol a long time ago, and this helps me to relax my mind. I deal with some anxiety and depression so a natural way to decrease these is appreciated.