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I have been using this for 2 months now. I have 3 children that are severe ADHD. We have tried so many things and we also see a specialist. This has made a huge difference in all 3 of their behaviors. The only regret I have is I didn’t know about it sooner for my childrens benefit.

Great product

This has been helping my daughters anxiety for many years now !! We won’t go a day without it!!

NeuralBroc Cellular (60ct. Capsules)
ROBERT O. (Kalispell, US)
Neural Balance and neural Broc.

My 8 year old sonstarted using neural balance and neural broc at the same time. He has a much improved behavior. Calm and talkative.this is from day 1. We are on day 4 and very impressed with these products. He takes CBD 3x per day and vitamin D as well.

Best Support for our famil

We have varied degrees of struggles from anxiety, focus, autism spectrum disorders and simply stress. Neural Balance hands down works for each member in our home in a great way!

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Khristine K. (Denver, US)
Great customer service

Great customer service! One of my products had broken open when mailed out to me and when I contacted customer service they were on top of it and sent me a replacement immediately I’m very thankful

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Carol S. (Anchorage, US)
We all sleep!

Our son, 6 years old, has really slept through the night since birth. We started him on your product about 3 weeks ago. This last week he has slept through the night 5 nights in a row!

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Grace N. (Brooklyn, US)
Would love an unsweetened version

Got this on as a script from our trusted naturopath. Wish it came without the Stevia, unsweetened...

Thank you for your review of Neural Balance powder! We're so glad to hear that it's helping.

We'd also like to inform you that we do offer a no flavor added Neural balance with Anandanol in a capsule form. The active ingredients are exactly the same and the contents are water soluble so you can pull the capsules apart and mix the contents with any food or drink. There's no flavor profile added so the taste is not difficult to hide.

We hope that helps!

My son has ADHD (age 14) and my daughter is autistic (age 20) Their doctor has both of them taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night. My kids can tell the difference Neural Balance makes and they make sure they never miss a dose.

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
William L. (La Crescenta, US)
Neural Balance

Neural Balance helped to calm anxiety but did not act as a sleep aide.

Neural Balance Capsules (Save 20%)
philip c. (Chesterland, US)
Optimum Health.

Bought Neural Balance one time and not sure if it had any effect on me. But had no bad issues either. Thanks. No further orders are needed at this time.

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
Kristine H.Y. (Great Bend, US)
Auto Refill

For the last six years our daughter takes Neural Balance everyday. For the last four years we have used the auto refill option to ensure it gets delivered to our home on time and as we need it.

It worked

This product has made a miracle for the children with the autism ; the babies sleep all night and the parents feel safe than before where the noisy was to heavy for the members of all family .I am waiting the results for 12 months and now there is no stop for ordering this product . Thank you to your distinguish formula.

Great product

We can’t live without this !

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
Ashley M.F. (Mount Airy, US)
Amazed and significant so far

Loving this. Made a huge difference in my sleep and overall life quality

Neural Balance

I wouldn't want to be with out it!

Neural Balance Bundle (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
Elizabeth N. (Hackettstown, US)
Great Product

We really are liking this for our daughter! She has autism and while this isn't a "cure all" it seems to support her. She also enjoys the taste and calls it her "Lemonade". I do agree that the cost can be prohibitive for some families so perhaps a program such as a grant would be nice for those living with neurological disabilities.

Neural Balance Bundle (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
Sharon M. (Vancouver, US)
Graciously fixed MY mistake

I have been using Neural Balance for about 5-yrs now for my daughter, currently 10-yrs old. It helps calm her big anxiety which allows her to focus at school and sleep better at night. We can’t stop, won’t stop. 😊 With my last order I capitalized on the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” promo, but I accidentally ordered the powder instead of the capsules. I was so disappointed in myself for making such a careless mistake on a product that we rely on. I contacted customer support via email and asked if they could “fix my mistake” they returned my email promptly and assured me not to worry that they could fix it. I shipped the product back to them and they exchanged it so quickly and they didn’t even charge me shipping to ship it the second time when it was clearly my careless mistake. Great company, great responsiveness, great product. Thank you again, Neural Balance.

Hope it will help

My daughter has drank it for two weeks so far, didn’t notice effect. Hope it will help after longer taking.

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Tamara W. (West Linn, US)
Tastes great! Seems to help.

My son and I both take Neural Balance and it has a great taste that even my son likes. We haven't seen dramatic results, but it seems to help. We've only been taking it once a day so far, but will probably bump it up to 2 daily over the summer. Wish it wasn't so expensive though.

Neural Balance Capsules (Save 20%)
Iva R. (Broken Arrow, US)
Sleep Pattern!

John, my Husband is convinced that Neural Balance has solved his sleep problem. Sleeps well at night, naps during daytime. Our Dgtr., Brenda Good suggested this to him approx six months ago. The recent order was for Iva,(me). I am in my 6th day. Been using over counter stuff, not good idea for my age. Need info. about dosage or any conflict with other meds. I have read the label, so has my Doctor. The price was much better. Thank you.

Neural Balance Capsules (Save 20%)
John K. (Jacksonville, US)
Dramatic improvement

I have an 8 year old son with adhd and autism. We changed from his prescribed amphetimine to Neural Balance and in less than 3 weeks noticed a significant improvement in his behavior and sleep. We won't be going back to amphetamines.

Helps with hot flashes!

My optometrist actually recommended Neural Balance to me for relief from hot flashes. She had tried it and found quickly that it reduced her hot flashes and I have found the same. I’ve had extreme hot flashes for over 10 years with no relief, even at night. I am now sleeping through the night and my hot flashes are so light and infrequent that they’re not a problem to me anymore at all. Thank you Neural Balance!

Mummy 359

Works really well on my adult kids

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
Paulette P. (Hamilton, CA)

I use this for my 5 1/2 yr old son. He’s autistic and all over the place. Neural Balance allows him to focus for a short period of time to do his schoolwork online. Truly amazing!

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
Lolita T. (Rancho Cucamonga, US)

I love my neural balance keeps me calm and helps me sleep through the night.