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Neural Balance (Save 20%)
Andrew C. (Jacksonville, US)
Pretty good.

Chills me out in the evening. I stopped using alcohol a long time ago, and this helps me to relax my mind. I deal with some anxiety and depression so a natural way to decrease these is appreciated.

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Ligia P. (Chicago, US)

My daughter had some difficulties to fall sleep and with sensory disorder since she started to drink neural balance I noticed improvements at bed time and with her issues I’m so happy to find this product

Neural Balance (60 Serving Tub)
Mayra S. (West Palm Beach, US)

I used todo be very hipper as soon as I got up from bed. Not any more. I take twice a day.

Neural Balance (Save 20%)
Andrea W. (Grand Rapids, US)
So far so good

I actually think we are noticing a difference, but it’s only been a couple weeks so I am hoping the benefits are cumulative and get even better with time. My son did seem to have a worsening of anger and moodiness in the beginning, but now seems a little more calm and go with the flow. I am also taking it and it seems to have taken the edge off of my anxiety. I do feel more calm and focused. We plan to continue taking it and I am hopeful it will provide a much needed support that our family has needed for awhile!

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)
Mayra S. (West Palm Beach, US)
I did not get the capsules . I have the power

It calms me down. But still I wake up at night. I do not know if I can take more. Of the recommended dosis. I really see improvements in my everyday life. I like the power because feel it gets in my system faster. Thank you .

Special Needs on Board Safety Sticker FREE Shipping - One per household, please.

Special Needs on Board Safety Sticker FREE Shipping - One per household, please.

Very Helpful!

Thank you for this. It is a tremendous help when it comes to my children! If anything was to happen *knock on wood* my babies will be safe!

I did not receive my order

My order says it was filled 19 days ago. I have not received it.

Special Needs sticker

Loved it!!

Special Needs on Board Safety Sticker FREE Shipping - One per household, please.


Love it ty shipped fast

Great decal

Think it is a great thing to let recue crews now about my child. need more like this

Definitely a must have!!!

I have two special needs boys, and this is a must have!! I feel so much better now that this is on my car. Anything could happen, and with this it will help the first responders, and emergency personnel. That way they know my boys may not be able to respond, and if so they may not understand. Plus, this sticks to my window perfectly! It hasn't moved since I put it on about 2 weeks ago now. This is definitely a must have if you have special needs kids, adults, etc. That way they will know how to work better with them in an emergency situation. Lastly, this is fairly big so it's hard to miss on the window which I really like too!!

Thank you for sharing this very useful tool.

Safety first

The sign was easy to display. It was a little large but the color scheme and verbiage was perfect.

Special Needs on Board Safety Sticker FREE Shipping - One per household, please.

Special needs sticker.

I belive it is awesome that yall offer this to families

Special needs onboard sticker

I love this! It's on my car window incase anything were to happen to my daughter.


Thank you for this Autism sticker! Both my kids are autistic and one is nonverbal. The oldest doesn't like strangers and having this sticker will be a lifesaver! I have it on my van and hoping to buy another one soon for my house! Such great quality and so helpful!


Just what i needed to give me piece of mind

Autistic window cling


Neural Balance (Save 20%)
Elona S. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
relieved anxiety

Took the edge off this low grade anxiety I have had since the pandemic.