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Using 3 times daily = CALM Inside

Time will tell!

I ordered your Neural Balance Capsules for my girlfriend. She’s been having trouble sleeping and has been taking it for two weeks!
The jury hasn’t reached a verdict yet but l’ll be happy to let you know if it works for her!
Thank You!

It has not come in the mail yet so I have not tried it...still waiting

I use the powder not pills.

Real help!

Appreciate the help I get from Neural Balance and your faithfulness in keeping me supplied.

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Awesome product

We’ve been using neural balance for many years. Our son is on the spectrum and this helps him stay calm, deal with the school day and focus. We’ve tried taking him off the product and about 2 weeks later, we start getting the emails about behavioral problems. This is a staple in our home.

So Grateful for Neural Balance

This product has greatly reduced the severity and frequency of my grandson's SPD meltdowns. He's 3 so we still have normal tantrums but nothing like what he was suffering with before he started on Neural Balance. He also wasn't eating and we were very worried about his growth and development. He is still very limited on what he will eat, but he eats well everyday and has grown 2 sizes since February.

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)

Great product!

I have COPD and this product for me is a alternative to inhalers do to I have had reactions to all of them with out naming the products but literally all of them, so I have used clear lung about 10 months and in couple months I ran of it and was unable to take for a 2 or 3 weeks and noticed it was get tough mostly in the morning and found it back in stock at Pilgrims grocery, within a few day I had improved. Big believer of ClearLungs even if it is a placebo effect well I'am good with it.. Bottom line this product helps me for sure. Thank you as I am ready to order again today !!! Sincerely Clay S.


We love neural balance and would never want to go a day without it !! Our now 15 year old has been on it for several years and it just makes both of lives easier. She has anxiety and this makes a world of difference !!

For me the jury is still out, however I do seem to be sleeping better and that is why I purchased it.

A pat on your back.

We are giving it to our grandson to help him rest at night. Thanks

Thank you! I appreciated you being there and filling my order so efficiently.
I am depending on this supplement to keep me facing calmly these crazy days we are living in.

Neural Balance tub

I also bought the capsules ---- I think I like the caps better --- less hassle

Totally works for my son!

My son has been on Neural Balance for a year now. I noticed a change after about 30 days. His mood is much smoother, fewer behavioral and emotional outbursts. It's a necessary part of his daily regimen.

Haven't had enough time to really evaluate it yet. I'll get back to you later.

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)


My son has taken it daily. We have had stomach pain about 10-15mins after taking every time. I decided to use half a capsule once daily to see if it would help. He still complains that he stomach hurts. We usually take it after dinner in applesauce. We haven’t notice any improve in his mood but we are going to keep using and hope for improvement.

Great Product

This product has done well for our boys.

I have been sporadic in taking it as I am still on.05 mgm of Lunesta and I see on the bottleit says do not take if on sleeping meds? Please inform with directions. Thank you

Neural balance

The powder is too grimy and doesn’t resolve well. My son would not drink or eat anything with it added. He just knew something was different and it was nasty to him.

Neural Balance Capsules (120 Ct. Capsules)