Like so many great discoveries in the past, Anandanol was created to fill a desperate need.

What is Anandanol?

Anandanol is a natural herbal/mineral/vitamin composition developed by an endocrinologist and a pharmacist. Created to help their own children, Anandanol was granted US patent #8828453 in September 2014. Anandanol was combined with a proprietary enzyme blend and a natural flavor profile to create a tasty powdered drink mix called Neural Balance. Neural Balance is also available in a no-flavor-added capsule. 

How does Anandanol work?

The balance between excitation and inhibition is delicately maintained in many parts of the brain. If the balance between inhibition and excitation among neurons is disturbed in favor of excitement, the intensity of excitatory transmission may lead to adverse behavioral and neurological consequences.

The Passiflora blend included in Anandanol has an endocannabinoid agonist-antagonist effect (it excites and inhibits) to restore a balance between inhibitory GABAergic pathways and excitatory glutamatergic pathways, supporting natural calm and focus.

Other key components of Anandanol

Magnesium Glycinate to quickly restore calm and to prevent inhibited nerve cell communication, which can lead to cell excitability.

CoQ10 to support cellular energy production, immune system support, and for its antioxidant properties.

B6 in the active P5P form for superior absorption without the need for conversion. This offers the full benefit of the active form of B6 immediately upon absorption.The SIX components that make up Anandanol support natural calm and focus, natural social interaction, sleep patterns, and anxiety/stress levels.

We support, calm, focus, and sleep without turning them into zombies...

We often hear from parents who just want to help their children thrive without sensory issues, anxiety, or disrupted sleep. Give them freedom from these difficulties and see how their personality shines!