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Spectrum Research Group

A company with a purpose

We are losing our children to developmental disorders and behavioral issues at an alarming and ever increasing rate. Unfortunately, while most people know at least one family experiencing the often devastating effect of having a child with behavioral challenges, we are at a loss as to the origin (or origins) of these behaviors.

Lack of focus, aggression, irregular sleep patterns, social anxiety, social withdrawal, and similar behaviors are crippling families and wreaking financial, physical, and emotional havoc.

There are different opinions as to what is causing this, but we can agree that something needs to be done to help families deal with these issues.

Spectrum Research Group was founded to provide some of that help through research and development of clean, natural ingredients and through the support of educational and community outreach events.

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Spectrum Research Group was founded by:

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Dr. Betul Hatipoglu MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Staff Endocrinologist Cleveland Clinic

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Randolph Margrave
Compounding Pharmacist
Specializing in I.V. Therapy

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Gabriel Williams
Spectrum Research Group

Dr. Hatipoglu has a son with severe autism. Her desire was to find something to help her son without side effects or personality altering medications. Her quest for a natural and effective solution led her on a journey of discovery that she shared with Pharmacist Randy Margrave who has twin sons with ADD.

His background in research - and his personal interest - motivated Randy to dig deeper into the discoveries that Dr. Hatipoglu had made. He quickly saw the benefit of Passiflora and began encapsulating an herbal blend based on the information Dr. Hatipoglu had given him. The results were even better than expected. That herbal composition became known as Anandanol and was granted patent #8828453 in September 2014.

Seeking a way to use this ingredient to help as many people as possible, Dr. Hatipoglu and Mr. Margrave enlisted the help of Mr. Williams to create a reliable delivery system that would be easy to administer, palatable, and effective.

Anandanol was combined with a proprietary enzyme blend and a flavor profile made of natural fruit flavorings, beet powder for color, and stevia (leaf) extract to create a tasty powdered drink mix called Neural Balance that even people with a sensitive palate enjoy.

We are proud to say that Neural Balance with Anandanol is GMO free.

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