Healthy Fall Treats Your Kids Will Love

The fall season has arrived! It’s time to break out the pumpkins, light the cinnamon candles, and gaze at the autumn leaves. Of course, you can’t forget about one of the best parts of this time of year: the food! Here are some tasty and healthy fall treats that your whole family will love.

Harvest Granola Bars

This tasty snack is quick to prepare and one batch provides tummy and filling snacks that you and your kids take on the go for a few days. All you need to do is mix up some old fashioned oats (not to be confused with oats for hot cereal) with cranberries, dates, and almond butter or peanut butter. You can also add some maple syrup for a little added sweetness. Add some toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds, flatten the mixture, and cool in the freezer for 20 minutes. Then, you can cut up the final sheet into small squares for convenient bars you can take on the go. Get the full recipe here.

Skinny Pumpkin Dip

This low-calorie dessert can be prepared and ready to eat in minutes, providing a tasty snack you and your kids can enjoy together. Just combine pureed pumpkin, fat-free yogurt, light cream cheese, and fall seasonings into a food processor. Add some vanilla extract as well for a little added sweetness. When ready, you can put out some whole wheat pita bread for dipping and enjoy your tasty fall treat as a family. Get the full recipe here.

Paleo Apple Muffins

This muffin recipe is completely gluten-free and relies only on the apples and maple syrup for the sweet flavor. By flavoring these healthy muffins with a generous amount of cinnamon, you can get your whole family in the fall spirit! You’ll also feel great knowing these muffins are filled with lots of healthy fiber and nutrients rather than processed flour and high-fructose corn syrup. Get the full recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie Seeds Healthy Fall Treats 

This simple and delicious snack combines the flavor of pumpkin pie with a satisfying crunch. All you need for this recipe is pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie spice, butter, and brown sugar. Once these seeds are out of the oven, you and your family will have a tasty and crunchy snack to munch on that’s rich in fiber, protein, andmagnesium. Find the full recipehere


Making these fun fall treats is a great way to have fun with your kids while providing healthy alternatives to other traditional fall desserts.