Join us and special guest Brittny Schwartz, founder of This Chick is RAW, as we learn more about how fermented foods can benefit everyone but be ready to take notes as we discuss:
Parenting kids with ADHD can present its set of unique challenges, and the abundance of misinformation out there can only make things harder. But parenting a child with ADHD can become the joy that it should be when you begin to dispel common myths about ADHD and learn the facts instead.
We’d like to address some of the challenges we occasionally hear about from new users. Or, the “Storm Before the Calm”. The good news is; most parents who report this also report that it subsides after a week or two and is worth it.
Even with the prevalence of research-based facts, increased efforts of awareness, and readily available information, misinformation and false ideas of autism still abound. Here are some common myths about autism.