Bad Therapy - Gender Confusion and Autism - Equip Yourself To Protect Your Children

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As a parent, navigating the complex landscape of gender issues with your children—whether they're on the autism spectrum or not—can feel like traversing a minefield. It's a topic that's as sensitive as it is critical, demanding a nuanced and informed approach. That's why this interview with Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, LCSW, MS, is one you shouldn't miss. Pamela brings over two decades of experience in social work to the table, along with insights from her new book, "A Practical Response to Gender Distress - Tips and Tools for Families".

Our conversation will delve into topics that are both eye-opening and vital for every parent to understand. We'll explore the troubling concept of emotional blackmail, learn how to recognize the signs of a gender critical therapist, and discuss whether gender dysphoria can be seen as a social contagion. Additionally, Pamela will share her expertise on identifying if your child may be influenced by social activists and offer advice on screening therapists to ensure they equip your child with resilience rather than a victim mentality.

Pamela's journey has been both professional and personal. After leaving her profession in 2017 due to a severe disability, she returned in 2021 to find the mental health field significantly transformed, especially concerning the treatment of gender dysphoric patients. Her experience in a teen clinic in San Mateo County, California, where 3 out of 10 kids identified as trans—all girls—was startling compared to her extensive background with vulnerable youth. This contrast propelled her to speak out and offer guidance through 1:1 consultations for parents and her book.

"A Practical Response to Gender Distress" is designed to support families grappling with gender issues. It provides an alternative perspective to "gender affirmative care" and includes powerful artwork by detransitioners, a 'trans/english' dictionary, and a comprehensive resource list. The book is available for purchase on Amazon here.

To further support and educate parents, Pamela is active on several platforms. You can follow her on Instagram at @the.truthfultherapist, on Twitter @truththerapist, subscribe to her insights on Substack, watch her content on YouTube, and visit her website at

This interview promises to be enlightening, offering parents the knowledge and tools needed to navigate gender issues thoughtfully and effectively. Whether you're looking for guidance on starting conversations about gender with your adolescent, seeking to empower yourself to question professionals, or simply wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, join us for this crucial discussion.



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