As a parent, navigating the complex landscape of gender issues with your children—whether they're on the autism spectrum or not—can feel like traversing a minefield. It's a topic that's as sensitive as it is critical, demanding a nuanced and informed approach. That's why this interview with Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, LCSW, MS, is one you shouldn't miss.

Watch the video up here ⬆️ or listen to the podcast right here ⬇️ Join my guest Jennifer Kozek as we talk about depression in younger kids and teens: How to recognize the warning signs and what to do about it.

When a diagnosis is received by parents for their child, it can seem like an initially intimidating and isolating experience. However, given recent advocacy and awareness efforts, it more accurately means becoming part of a new community. The bond of a common experience with other parents, along with a desire for spreading this understanding to the general public, creates a supportive community with plenty of opportunities to get active and give back.