The Spectrum Report - Why are Fermented Foods so Important?

Join us and special guest Brittny Schwartz, founder of This Chick is RAW, as we learn more about how fermented foods can benefit everyone but be ready to take notes as we discuss:
  • Mass market kombucha's dirty, little secret.
  • Coconut Milk Kefir and Autism/ADHD
  • Feel free to ask questions in the comment section during the LIVE interview!
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Transcript from show:
Thank you for joining us for today's episode of The Spectrum Report podcast. Today's podcast contains audio from a recent live interview with Brittny Schwartz of This Chick is Raw. Today, we'll be talking about the health benefits of fermented foods.

Coconut kefir and autism and mass market kombucha's dirty little secrets. Thank you for joining us for today's episode of the Spectrum Report. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Gabriel Williams, and I'm the CEO of Spectrum Research Group.

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So today's guest is experiencing a little bit of technical difficulties. That's why we started late and had to unfortunately cancel yesterday. But it's going to be a great show. We're hoping that she's been able to overcome her difficulties.

We could hear her OK, but her video was a little choppy. But today we are joined by Brittny Schwartz and John Gibson. And they're from This Chick is Raw.

And today, we are going to talk about fermented foods, kombucha, some of the benefits, what sets tThis Chick is Raw apart from other fermented food companies and that type of thing. And also, as I mentioned in the title, we are

also going to learn a little secret about mass market kombucha a lot of the kombucha that you're buying out there and using is not quite what you think it is. And we're going to talk a little bit about that.

And also something that I learned in the process of learning more about Brittny and her fermented foods and her company was that there are benefits for coconut kefir and autism. So we're going to talk a little bit about that.

So without further ado, I will bring Brittny and Jon on. And I'm pretty sure we'll be able to hear them, but we might have a little bit of jerky video to deal with. That's OK. How are you guys doing today?

We're doing wonderful day and I love what we're doing. We have so many great products that help the organic as the stuff is absolutely incredible. Now, you have a pretty interesting story, Brittny, when I read about how you got into fermented foods.

I was actually pretty impressed with the situation. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Yes. So this was a lifelong journey I started about 18 years old after I read The Natural Kids They Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudel.

I became really impressed with what he had to say about story and mangoes. My mom at the same time with. Not huff, but he was prescribed morphine and other pills that the doctor said she would never get off of her.

Also, she wanted to live a more normal life. So together we said, let's get a holistic doctor. Let's find someone who will help us live a more natural life with urbs, guide us in the right direction. So we scheduled a consultation with a holistic doctor.

And he I was amazed by what she had to say about natural medicine. And I actually ended up living with her for months and bartering her supplements with her daughter. And we became close friends. And I just studied everything that she was doing, all the supplements.

And I was in high school when I was doing this. So I was also riddled with Pandita at the time. I had IBS and other issues, hormonal, cystic acne. And I worried about my mom because I wanted her to get off these medications that she was taking every day.

They weren't helping. They were just getting her more and more into them. So we followed her program. As soon as I graduated high school, I wanted to become a doctor at the Doctor Osteopathic Medicine. I was in the program.

My my candidate was getting worse. And my medical doctors who are also my professors were telling me this is I don't know, they said something about my back was I needed corticosteroids to get this autoimmune disorder off of my back.

It what they claimed at that time, that it was not candida. They didn't look at it like that. But I noticed as I was doing fermented foods with the herbs that I had learned from my holistic doctor, I combined my microbiology classes with bacteria that I learned and the herbs; the western and eastern combine them.

And I noticed, wow, after I left this in my dorm six hours later, all this stuff was coming out of me. It looks like it looked like a monster was coming out of me. It was like white brie cheese and my acne on my face.

Every time I drank this, I would get a burn sensation in my lower abdomen. Hmm. It was like killing something. So I know I look in the mirror temples here at the same time, I'm drinking this. And then the next thing you know, I get my period.

And a few weeks later I get my period again, the following (unintelligible) my acne starts clearing up, the fungus on my back starts going away. And then I start looking at my kombucha under a microscope and my microbiology class.

And I keep this stuff all swimming around the four x electron microscope. I see these bigger and smaller circles. And my teachers thought it was candida but it was actually that Kripalani and she was a professor at Harvard, so she didn't know even the strains of beneficial use.

That's kind of shocking. But this drink helped me in a matter of nine to 12 months. I started selling them at the farmers market and everyone started telling me their testimonials over a few weeks that they were drinking. Well, and that's the thing, I mean, Candida is behind so many issues.

I don't know if you've ever heard of Doug Kauffman, but he I mean, he blames almost everything on fungus. And I think people don't realize when your digestive system is out of track or you have fungus. It's a it's a problem.

I mean, it creates a myriad of problems and aggravates some other conditions as well. So that's it's neat. I love that your company came about because of your personal need. Same thing with us. You know that as I mentioned in the opening, I love it when I see a company that's that's providing help to other people

because of the benefit that they received from something at some point. So I love that. So, John, tell us how you got involved in This Chick is Raw.

It's a pleasure to be here, involved with the food and science at a young age. I was blessed to have two really wonderful parents. They push both the natural and the physical world.

And how I really first started was when I was a kid, it was basically growing up because there was a whole stream of, you could say, health message. I like to use it as an example. Early 80s, they told us not eat eggs.

Then they said, oh, no, eat egg whites. And then it became, I'll just have a little bit. So I started doing a lot of research on my own. In college, I studied chemistry and natural medicine. And then I started to realize that a lot of this has to do, like Brittny says, with the gut.

And the gut is the foundation for not only. STEM cell development, white cells blood. It's also a factor, you could say, or probioitcs And like one of the things that's great about the kombucha, because it has the Acetobacter and Gluconoacetobacter and the Acetobacter xylinum.

And those are really the three big of the SCOBY And they include the do so surmises as Brittny would start touching on the most the monosaccharides, the EFO as far as the Sakura's. These are really important in the development of the strains.

And it's very important to have a variety of strains, but also to have specific strains for certain material. Such as some of the probiotics specialize in digesting cellulose, which can be a real problem. Others go for vegetable matter and the ones that digest starches and what a lot of people don't realize, there's complex starches such as Rafina

Sacco's you don't really hear about. And these really contribute to the histamines and exosomes that end up polluting the cell. So one of the things about treating the gut is you're actually treating the whole body. Like a big thing right now is N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

Well, you know, one of the things about it is it's naturally occurring. It occurs in sulfur, sulfur based product, sulfur being and what it does is that combines with the other the acids the really the humic acid, hyaluronic acid, and that creates the glutathione reductase.

So you can get all of these things that people are trying to use, but you can get this naturally from the kombucha And this is a really big thing because of current events. You know, this heals the liver glutathione.

NAC sustained in a file very Judit antioxidant. And so that's one of the things how I got into this is actually what I. So I can't I caught Corona in July. And one of the first things that I started taking to combat that to help my body fight, it was NAC.

So that was I mean, among other things. But and I also did what my doctor told me to do. It was it was a whole plan of attack. But I'm familiar with NAC. I imagine a lot of our viewers are as well.

One thing that you mentioned, I don't I don't think people really think about this with Kombucha The different types of kombucha do different things. And that was something that I wanted to speak with you all about today specifically was coconut kefir for a lot of my audience.

Have they have children on the spectrum or there's anxiety or ADHD and autism, that type of thing? And as I mentioned in the opening, one of the things I learned was that Coconut kefir is is shown to help with the symptoms of autism.

And I don't know if you can speak to that or Brittny would be the one to speak to that or both of you. But I did want to touch on that a little bit, because you started talking about how some things are specific for certain uses.

And really, I hadn't thought about that before when it came to fermented foods. And I don't think a lot of people don't think of fermented foods as as, you know, the health benefit. It's usually the taste or it's probably limited a lot of time to kombucha.

But they don't think about other fermented foods being beneficial as well. So how does the coconut kefir differ or deal specifically with some of the symptoms associated with autism? How is that beneficial? Well, that's a great point you just brought up.

One of the things that's really important to a lot of people hear about is the MCTs, the medium chain triglycerides. This is very important with both Parkinson's and all of (unintelligible). The other part of it, which Brittny really specialize in, is the fermented kefir.

When you break down the cell wall, a lot of those viewers familiar with chlorella, either the atoms smash process, you have the ball of some of these really great things are really not included. And then the body absorbs the product better with the coconut important.

There's a chemical called Monolaurin This destroys Fibrin now, Fibrin is very serious to the body. It's basically a colony of microscopic organisms and cytokines and all sorts of debris that have made a very dangerous, limited circulation.

Also protozoa infection, the fermented coconut breaks down the walls of the monolaurin and it makes it absorb. monolaurin is one of the most important products that you could ever put in your body. It's antibacterial anti fungal, and it breaks down all sorts of plots which are associated with the KBE and other effects.

This is very important. Also with the Spirulina, other products Brittny specializes in that we use incredible natural spirulina. It's grown galera here in Florida. It's not powder. That's also very important. But getting giving back to the romantic foods of the monologue, the coconut fermented with the keeper, you know, it's incredible.

Also, you only need a small dosage a day. So it goes a long way. But I'll let Brittny wrap up on this stuff because she's the brewmaster. All right. Well, thank you for the products and how it helps with the coconut with brand.

So the coconut kefir is when it's fermented, the modern world becomes more bioavailable than raw coconut oil. It's up to 400 times more monolaurin and also has (unintelligible) and the probiotics in it. But it's more based probiotics.

So once you're drinking kombucha it creates a ph level in the gut that only good bacteria people can save from. I could just pull that blue in the face, but it's not going to create that environment in their gut first so that all of these beneficial bacteria and beneficial will survive.

They will not be this of what these probiotics have to offer, what they do for the human. They act as a natural antibiotic by producing acids that kill off pathogens. So like at war with each other. And then they bring in more probiotics and kefir bacteria based probiotics that just live and create enzymes, acid healing acids.

So you're you're creating an environment all throughout your body by drinking the tea and then you are able to absorb foods better. So it's an omelet and organic, your bread and some other super food. You can absorb all of these nutrients in your food better by creating the environment first. Specifically in relation to autism.

How does the what makes the coconut kefir more beneficial for autism in particular? I mean, and actually everything that you mentioned is helpful because a lot of my viewers have seen the relation between the gut health and the brain health.

That's obviously something that more people understand. So just the the digestive benefits alone of fermented foods and Caboolture. That is helpful. But, you know, I know specifically there's been research on autism with the coconut kiffer. Tell us a little bit about that.

So our gut is our second brain and it produces serotonin is opening our brain. It creates that happy feeling, kefir in Turkish means "feeling". I mean, that's what people need. So they need that for a reason. Feel good.

The monolaurin interacts with the brain as a nutrient. And it's that the imbalanced chemicals of the brain. So all of these MCTs and the good fats in the coconut helps to nourish the brain and the brain chemical chemical system.

So that's why it's all of these other things are giving kids in the hospital if they're throwing the chemical balance off of the brain. And that's what creates problems with mood, hyperactivity, ASD. So when you take the coconut kefir it helps to nourish the brain is.

It would be by medicine. It's the food that it needs to feel good to be more in balance. And staying with the gut. When you put probiotics in the gut that are more gluten, the key for the sourpusses, it helps to nourish the brain because our gut is our second brain.

Right. Well, and, you know, that's as we always talk about, a complete approach, like with our product, we specifically it's designed to help with nerve cell communication and to balance the endocannabinoid system to prevent that overstimulation of the endocannabinoid system.

But we want to do it without sedation. So what I like about that approach is you're still focusing with the coconut kefir on brain and nerve health. So it's communicating properly. It's you know, and that's just part of it, especially when the gut is out of whack and it affects everything.

So I. I love that your products help with the gut. I love that specific, though, brain function of the coconut kefir. Now, you. Well, one thing I did notice, and I just don't want anybody to have any sticker shock.

Right. So if they go to the mass market grocery store and they buy kombucha, it's going to be priced a lot less than what your kombucha is. But they're getting a completely different thing. The kombucha at the grocery store is great if you want to mix it with rum.

And to avoid, you know, sugary mixers. But other than that, you're not getting the full health benefit that good real kombucha can give. And as I mentioned, there's a little secret about kombucha that people don't know the mass market kombucha.

Tell us a little bit. Tell us what might surprise some people about the fizz or whatever in the kombucha that they buy in the grocery store at that point. I have so many customers that walk into my store.

The first thing they say when they come back is why is your not your product not carbonated like the stuff and hope it? Well, because we do not use something called nitric oxide. Plus his oxide plus is a is a three and one benefit for the manufacturers produce these things.

The first thing is it prevents explosion, liability. That thing is a fermentation. But then that also is a pasteurization. So it suffocates the bacteria in its natural environment. And it virtually under a petri dish, under an electron, you will see a clear petri dish with absolute np probiotics under the microscope.

So you're drinking a glorified soda. There is no probiotics. And you drink you get that same thing, like when you buy a sparkling. It's basically as good as. So that's basically what nitric oxide. So so, you know, just because it's fizzy at the store doesn't mean that you're getting any additional benefits.

And I imagine one of the reasons they do that is the fermentation does cause some carbonation. So they're trying to maybe artificially also show that it's strong or something like that. But I know that's the first time I tried your kombucha.

I was warned, right, though, because kombucha is something I would drink, you know, like a cup or two of easy. And like I mentioned, some flavors, certain certain flavors I use as mixer on the weekends. A little vodka, some sweet flavored kombucha.

Yeah, it's good. Right. But I wouldn't do that with yours because it would be an insult to how strong and beneficial. Yours is. But I did. I noticed the first time I tried yours, I was warned two ounces at a time for the first few days at least.

And I noticed some differences, some improvements and things. And my gut health just doing the two ounces a day, I think I did in the morning and in the evening, I would just do two ounces. It tastes really good.

It's you can definitely tell the difference between the mass market stuff. Oh, yeah. Not just in the taste and the quality, but the experience. It was really good. Yeah, it's made with a purpose. And you are right. I just want one more thing that you said it is to flavor the drink.

And it's just a patient process of it's called double fermenting. So what we do is we do a double ferment where we add the herbs and the fruit. And so even if it's even more probiotics in the drink during a double fermentation, but they skip that step and they say they use a beer gun.

Yeah. Oh, we don't do that. It naturally get get busy. Some do, some don't as much. It just depends on the personality of that bottle because it is a raw living drink. So without the probiotics to do them, some will get more activated in the bottle than others.

That doesn't ruin the quality of each bottle. It just they all work the same way when it hits the high dose. But it's just somebody doing that and reaching in the bottle. And some may be more activated than the bottle.

But they all work the same once it touches the ACL in the gut. Hmm. I like that you said the personality of the bottle. And that really goes along with, you know, I think people this is a food.

It's not a supplement, but it does a lot of very beneficial things that you would normally attribute to supplements. Right. Somebody might take an encapsulated enzyme or probiotic, but this is a way that you can do it more naturally.

And in some cases, a little more gently unless you overdo it. But so because of your experience, your personal experience, getting into this, your love for it, you you did you know what makes sense as you made your living out of it by starting a business so that you could help other people.

And so there's a link in the description of the video to your website. This chick is raw. Tell us a little bit about what we might find there. The different type of products that you offer besides just kombucha and coconut kiffer.

Yes. So I have amazing products that work synergistically once to repair the gut which is with the coconur kefir, kombucha and the cultured vegetables. We have quite different herbal formula from St. John's, amazing product. He's a chemist.

So we make a mono, atomic, silver, copper, gold and Hunza water. So I'll work synergistically to help build a red and white blood cells, new healthy cells, the copper axes like stem cell therapy, DHEA peptides. And so it helps light cell death of toxic cells and regenerate new healthy cells.

But that's once you clean out the gut, it works better. And these products work together. You better follow your website up here so we can let people see. Just a little bit. Because I was actually surprised when I got on there and all the different things that you do offer, because I think a lot of people, when

they hear about, you know, fermented foods, they think about kimchi and kombucha and that's, you know, you don't realize there's sauerkraut and coconut kefir and so many other things that are available. And now you, like I said, the price.

Price wise, it's not your mass market kombucha, but it's worth it and it lasts longer because you're using less of it and it's doing its job better. And then you even have product for pets as well. So like I said, link in the description and lots of really good stuff there.

Good information, too. That was another thing I really liked is your blog. We try to do that as well as put a lot of good information out for people so that they can learn more about, you know, what's helpful, what's not, and find some resources to doing that as well.

So. Well, despite our technical difficulties and the funny video, at least we were still able to keep up with each other as far as the audio goes and get the information across for everybody. We do appreciate you being on today if you are looking to try some fermented foods yourself, if you're watching.

There's a link in the description of the video. You can head over to this chick and learn more about what what products are there, what helpful products, great tasting, strong, potent natural stuff. And I know the things that I've tried.

I really like Phil is going crazy for it. He's traveling from health food store to health food store, telling people about it everywhere he goes. It's very well received, people love your products. So thank you so much. I want to share this information with you.

And I love a product that I'm selling. The Neural Balance is awesome to taking it. That's right. You you have that on the website now, too. That's right. Or you should be getting it within a couple of days, so.

Yeah, I actually I just brought my bottle home yesterday and my mom take it. I have my step dad taking it. I'm taking it. And we're all in a great mood. So we're all getting along. Good deal. All right. Well, again, thank you so much for being here.

I will say goodbye today and then I'll wrap up the show. So, Brittny, John, thanks for being here. Have a good one. Thank you. Have a great day. Bye bye. Bye. All right, so like I said, there's a link in the description of the video, if you want to check out this check is raw and see what

great deals they have going on right now, what great products, what new stuff, resources, some educational stuff on there. I know I love the products. I've tried quite a few of them haven't tried the coconut kefir yet, but have had a couple different flavors of the kombucha.

Really good stuff. So they ship quickly. It's it's some of it that is necessary that needs to be kept cold is the other stuff is everything is shipped securely, quickly, and it comes nice. So they get really good feedback, good reviews.

And like I said, our one of our guys who does demos at health food stores for our product, Neural Balance, is also doing that right now for Brittny, for the all of her products and every store he goes to.

People absolutely love her products. So you won't be disappointed. And like I mentioned at the beginning of the show. We are receiving, say, over here. This is the spectrum report, and we are brought to you by. From Spectrum Research Group, the makers of Neural Balance with Anandanol.

And if you want to see how Anandanol works, head on over to our website and click on the How It Works tab. And of course, as I mentioned before, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

And we just want to thank our special guest today, Brittny Schwartz from This Chick is Raw. Good stuff. Coconut Keifr for autism. Great studies behind that, by the way. So check it out. Thank you for watching this episode of The Spectrum Report.

If you haven't already subscribed, do so and hit that bell. So you will be reminded of future shows. Thanks for watching. We swear by Neural Balance because he's been on it a little over two years and it's changed our lives.

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And I promise you're not going to go back to anything else.