We Don't Want to Make People Manageable - Autism vs Autistic Is There Middle Ground?

Sugar's daughter loves Neural Balance because it helps her but it doesn't change her. We don't see autism as a defect, but we do understand that anxiety, poor sleep, sensory overload, lack of focus, and many of the difficult attributes of autism (and PANS, MTHFR, ADHD, etc.) can make life more difficult than it needs to be. 

On and off the Spectrum, life is easier when a person can deal with anxiety, get a healthy night's sleep, process sensory stimuli, and focus on the task at hand. We see the positives and the negatives of autism/being autistic so we simply want to offer support and help where needed without changing the person or turning them into a zombie.


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Neural Balance is a major player on our arsenal because nothing else does what it does well.


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Now, you mentioned the one twin who does have autism. Something she said really resonates with me that, you know, when you when you give her something, she wants to make sure it's not something that will change her or change her personality. And, you know, that's something we hear we get a lot of push-back from autistics who are offended that we would say that they need any support or help at all.


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And we what we always try to make it very clear, we're not trying to change anybody's personality. We appreciate your autism, your intelligence, your creativity, your drive. In many cases, there are parts of being autistic that are enhancing to the personality and offer gifts and things like that. And we don't want to change that. So something that I say often is we don't want to make your children manageable.


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We want to help them be who they are. So in your case, you're not autistic, but you have some anxiety, some depression, some ADHD. So we want to help you be the best you. And it's the same thing for someone that's on the spectrum. If you're autistic and you're gifted and you are intelligent and you have a lot to share with the world, but you're scared to death to leave the house, or you have crippling anxiety or anger where you're hurting yourself.


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That's what we're trying to help. I mean, self-harm is not enhancing anybody's personality, right? So if we can help you overcome the parts of it that are not so helpful so that you can enjoy the parts of it that are; that's what we're about. We don't want to change someone or turn them into a zombie or just make them easy to manage.


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We want to help balance them out so their body can deal with some of these things naturally. And they can enjoy the positive aspects of being on the spectrum or just being a teenager or being a caregiver for half a dozen people or whatever the case is.