10 Ideas To Help Chase Away the End Of Winter Restlessness

As winter wears on, we start to get restless as do children with sensory issues or autism.  Here are 10 ideas for things that might bring your family some fun and create memories:

  1. Special surprise like a favorite toy or movie. This is a great opportunity to engage with your child, ask questions, and spend some time playing with the toy or discussing the movie afterwards.
  2. Weighted blanket or stress ball for relaxation. (Either one might come in handy in conjunction with one of the other ideas on this list.)
  3. Does your child have a favorite musical artist or genre? Surprise him/her with customized playlist or sensory light show.
  4. Still too cold in your area to go out for very long? Sensory friendly crafts, such as play-doh or coloring pages can be ordered online and enjoyed together right at home.
  5. If you live in a region that is starting to warm up already, go for a picnic in a quiet, familiar park.
  6. An age-appropriate puzzle or board game can be a great way to spend some quality time together.
  7. A peaceful sensory experience, like a bath with Epsom salt and essential oils.
  8. A simple, yet meaningful card or letter. Sometimes we forget to tell the people closest to us just how much they mean to us and what we appreciate about them. Take the time to put it on paper together and exchange them afterwards.
  9. If you’re going stir crazy but the winter weather prevents outdoor activities, your local museum might offer a quiet, soothing environment and change of pace. 
  10. Make gummy treats together with this recipe. You’ll have fun working together and you’ll have yummy, calming treats to share. Save on Neural Balance drink powder for the added calming ingredient.

The key part of all these ideas is that you get on your child’s level and take part in the fun, too.  Ask specific questions, “What did you like the most?”, “Did you learn anything new?”, “Would you do anything differently next time?”, “What should we do next time?”

These simple and inexpensive ideas will hopefully offer a soothing yet fun time that you and your child will remember with fondness for ages to come.