More Fun Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

When the month of October arrives, it’s time to start planning for Halloween fun! Between the sweet fall treats and opportunities for spooky crafts, there are tons of ways to enjoy the harvest festivities. Of course, you can’t do Halloween without finding the perfect costume for your kids. However, some costumes can be a bit pricey and the itchy fabrics can end up being an issue for kids with sensory issues. Instead, try some home-made Halloween costumes for your kids. Here are some easy DIY Halloween costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Cardboard Lego Block

What kid wouldn’t love to dress up as their favorite toy? This creative costume idea is simple and cheap to create, but your kids will love the end result. You’ll need to find the right size cardboard box that your child can easily fit inside while having their head and arms comfortably poke through. When you find the right box, cut out some holes for the arms, legs, and head. Then, glue solo cups to the front to complete the recognizable lego block shape. Spray paint the surface with your child’s favorite color and your DIY Lego block costume will be complete!

Scuba Divers

This fun DIY Halloween costume just takes a few cheap items to create. Your child can have black pajamas or black pants and a long-sleeved shirt for the base of the costume. Find two empty two-liter soda bottles and spray paint them in a bright color for the air tanks. You can also add a few lines in the middle with duct tape to make them look more like the real thing. The tape also helps keep them together. Strap on the colorful tanks with some yarn and grab some on-sale snorkeling goggles and you’re good to go!


All you need for this cozy costume idea is a set of colorful, comfy pajamas, a cone hat, and some felt. Have your kids pick out a pair of pajamas in their favorite color and find a party hat to match. If you can’t find a hat in the right color, it’s pretty easy to make out of construction paper. Use straps of black felt on the arms and legs to add the recognizable markings of crayons. You can also cut out felt letters with a stencil that spells out “crayon” on the front to make the costume even better!

Try out these other fun sensory-friendly Halloween costumes to make trick or treating a blast this year!