As much as we’d all love to slow time down every now and then, time stops for no one. And with the school year starting back up, not only will time seem to fly by, but you’ll also likely find it harder to spend quality time with your kids.
The term “gut health” is a phrase you’ve likely run across more and more in recent years, and for good reason. Scientific findings continue to uncover the often underappreciated importance of gut health for overall well being.
With the start of the school year approaching soon, it’s important to start preparing for the change in routine and all that comes with it. One of the most important things to do in preparation for the school year is helping your kids beat back to school anxiety.
As the summer winds down and kids prepare to head back to school, many parents feel a mixed bag of emotions. While the summer always creates lots of fun memories, it can also be refreshing to jump back into a season of more structure and routine. One aspect of the busy routine of the school year that many parents try to master is finding time to make healthy lunches for kids to take to school. Here are some ideas for making sure your kids always have wholesome lunches with them at school.  
Getting a good night’s sleep is something that everybody needs and naturally craves. However, it can sometimes inexplicably feel impossible to fall asleep or stay asleep long enough. Kids certainly aren’t immune from sleep troubles, with an estimated 20-30% of kids struggling with sleep problems. Thankfully, sleep issues aren’t without explanations, and identifying the factors that could be keeping your kids up at night could help them get better sleep.
It’s no secret that the typical American diet isn’t exactly known for being the most healthy. As a parent, especially if you have kids with some behavioral issues, it’s up to you to be intentional when it comes to providing nutrient-rich foods for your kids. There are several types of essential nutrients that most Americans struggle to get enough of in their diet, but magnesium stands out as an especially important nutrient to focus on.
Feelings of anxiety are often due to external stress that disrupts your sense of calm, but there are also lots of internal factors that influence anxiety as well. If you’re wondering why your kids are experiencing anxiety, you should evaluate their diet to see if there are any adjustments you can make. 
One of the best ways to enjoy the summer sun as a kid is to run around the yard while getting soaked with water. Not only does the water provide some relief from the blazing heat, but it creates lots of opportunities to get creative with fun games you can play in your own backyard. If you’re looking for some ideas to have on hand to keep your kids active during the summer, check out these easy water games that your kids will love.

Who doesn’t love taking in pleasant scents? Beyond the simple fact, that good aromas are highly enjoyable, exposing your nose to certain smells derived from essential oils is one of the best natural ways to deal with anxiety, lack of focus, and insomnia. If you use aromatherapy strategically for your kids, you can see improvements in their overall wellbeing.

With the extra free time your kids have during the summer season, you’re no doubt looking for ways to make good use of their time and to come up with creative snack ideas. One of the best ways to enjoy snack time is to have fun making tasty treats together. Here are some fun summer snack ideas that also double as fun crafts.

Doing fun art projects is a great way to have some fun with your kids. By doing art projects that get your kids outdoors, you can help them experience some fresh air while exercising their creativity.

As a parent, you almost certainly start your day off with a cup of coffee to wake yourself up in the morning and to feel focused for the day. This is due to the caffeine content that coffee is known for, which boosts alertness, focus, and energy levels. While consuming caffeine is a well-known and generally accepted practice for adults, what many parents fail to realize is the effects caffeine has on kids.