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Sugar's daughter loves Neural Balance because it helps her but it doesn't change her. We don't see autism as a defect, but we do understand that anxiety, poor sleep, sensory overload, lack of focus, and many of the difficult attributes of autism (and PANS, MTHFR, ADHD, etc.) can make life more difficult than it needs to be. 

On and off the Spectrum, life is easier when a person can deal with anxiety, get a healthy night's sleep, process sensory stimuli, and focus on the task at hand. We see the positives and the negatives of autism/being autistic so we simply want to offer support and help where needed without changing the person or turning them into a zombie.

Some anxiety is a normal part of childhood that may lessen over time and as your child develops interpersonal skills. However, in some instances, children who experience anxiety on a more regular basis or in certain circumstances require our assistance in finding healthy ways to cope. Around 20% of children are born with an over-anxious temperament.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast and join my guest Jennifer Kozek as we talk about depression in younger kids and teens: How to recognize the warning signs and what to do about it.

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Some of you want us to talk about things we just aren't allowed to talk about on our other social media platforms. So we started an uncensored version of the Spectrum Report on Rumble that contains new exclusive content and live features that we won't be posting on any of our other social media platforms.

This isn't about politics or crazy conspiracy theories or anything like that, but there are subjects that affect you and your family that get advertising accounts and social media pages shut down. Those things are important to you, and we would like to speak about them and bring you that information.

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