Five Fall-Themed Art Projects to Try with Your Kids

With autumn in full swing and the holiday season around the corner, it’s officially time to stow pool noodles and flip flops away, and break out the scarves and apple cinnamon candles. Fall is the season where warm colors, cozy clothes, and harvest aesthetic reign supreme. If you’re eager to welcome the festive mood to your home, here are five fall-themed arts and crafts projects you can try with your kids.

1) Leaf Lanterns: This one is fantastic because it starts with a small dose of exploring outside. Head outside with your kids in search of the prettiest fall leaves you can find. Once you have foraged your decorations, simply brush on some mod podge to adhere your leaves to some clean mason jars. Insert a battery powered t-light candle and watch the warm autumn glow together.

2) Felt Fall Leaves Garland:This activity involves some sensory integration and fine motor skills, and is incredibly simple. Start by cutting strips of felt into leaf shapes. After this, poke three or four holes in the middle and use yarn or twine to sew into garland of soft, warm colored leaves. Your child will love the feel of the felt during this activity. Feel free to add some soothing essential oils to the felt beforehand for an added sensory experience.

3) Scented Play-Dough:This is surprisingly easy to make at home and adds a fun fall twist to an already fun activity. Mix one cup of flour, one cup of water, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, ½ cup of salt, one teaspoon of cream tartar, and essential oils or spices in a saucepan for two to three minutes. After letting the dough cool for a few minutes, simply knead for one minute on a floured surface and you are ready to let your child squish away!

4) Scented Painting: Here is yet another opportunity to use food items for art. Start by painting a fall-related item, such as an acorn or pumpkin. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg over the painting for an added layer of color and texture. Once finished you’ll have a piece of art with sights and scents of the fall season.

5) Leaf Coasters: Once you and your kids finish this project, you will have usable items you can keep at home or give to your neighbors and friends. You can start with tiles from the hardware store that you can get for only a few cents apiece. Simply explore for some beautiful leaves, adhere to the tiles with mod podge, and let set to dry. Once your works of art are complete, kick back under a blanket with the kids, pour some cups of hot cider, and put your new coasters to good use.