Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for a Child with Autism

Christmas Day is just around the corner, and your kids are no doubt eagerly awaiting waking up and heading straight for the tree to unwrap presents. If you are looking to find a last-minute gift that will put a bright smile on your child’s face, check out these ideas for great Christmas gifts for children with autism. 

The Airwalker Therapy Swing

You’ll need to either find room or make room for this item in your house, but your child will absolutely love feeling like they’re floating while gently swaying in this swing. Your child can also use the swing for spinning around to get some movement. The fabric is stretchy to create a soft feel and consistent pressure, making for therapeutic sensory integration.

Moon Sand

This clever material is perfect for children prone to sensory overload. The sand is created in a way that keeps it from sticking to your hands, getting rid of some of the irritating effects often associated with sand. This material is great for molding and playing around with, all without making a mess. Your child with autism will enjoy sensory play using this fun product.

Connectagons, Under the Sea

This fun set comes with hundreds of wooden pieces that interlock with each other, allowing for tons of different ways to create fun sculptures and shapes. The wooden pieces are painted in a fun ocean theme that your child will love, featuring shapes of different types of fish and sea creatures. This is a great way for your child with autism to have fun while practicing spatial skills, tactile awareness, and coordination, along with being a great opportunity to teach your child about animals. 

Color-Changing Teddy Bear

This is a great gift for your child with autism if they enjoy fun colors and soft lights. The teddy bear is soft, cozy, and great for snuggling, all while lighting up with fun, soft colors. Just press on the paw and the belly and head of the teddy bear starts shifting between different colors. 

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline with Handlebar

This is a great gift for children with autism to help them get some movement and physical activity. The trampoline is cushioned for safety and the handlebar makes it easy to have fun without falling off or getting discouraged. Plus, the repetitive bouncing motion is good for helping your child get in tune with their body, read their impulses, and build coordination.


Check out these other great gift ideas for your child with autism for even more great gift ideas. These wonderful gifts will help your child and your family have a very merry Christmas.