Five Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Child With Behavioral Issues

Christmas season has arrived, and with it, an opportunity to treat your kids to some little surprises hung above the fireplace. Here are a few ideas for kids of any age will love to find in their stocking.

1. Fidget Cube Toy: Useful for kids and adults alike, this little cube has six sides filled with little knobs, switches, and buttons to fidget with when anxiety or stress kicks in. You can find this tiny therapeutic tool in a variety of colors as well. Find one here:

2. LED Light Gloves: A good pair of gloves are a winter essential, so why not ones that light up in six different colors? Your child will love turning a walk in the park into a laser light show. Find a pair here:

3. Flowing Sand Panel: This calming device is perfect for a bedside table or work desk. Just flip the panel over and watch the colorful sand smoothly flow down the three curved tiers. Find one here:

4. Lightshow DJ: A great source of entertainment and sensory integration for your child with autism, this little electronic device come with multiple settings and color combinations to match different types of music. The light even changes on its own to the beat of whatever music is playing. Find one here:

5. Body Socks: This may be the only time your child will be excited getting socks for Christmas. That’s because these socks are stretchy, colorful, and can fit your whole body inside. This gift is great as a spatial awareness tool, along with a comfy place to snuggle. Find one here: