Here's How You Can Honor National Autism Awareness Month

Neural Balance is proud to offer nutritional support for children facing neurological and developmental challenges, including children on the autism spectrum. April is National Autism Awareness Month, a time of the year that emphasizes education on subjects relating to autism, along with community activism for policies that benefit people on the autism spectrum. Whether your family is affected by autism or not, this month is the perfect time to get involved in helping the autism community. 

Help Support Non-Profits

There are many great non-profit organizations that help set up community events for children with ASD, provide education about the truth versus myths about autism, and advocate for inclusive policies.

Autism Hope Alliance

Autism Hope Alliance is a partner of Neural Balance and provides education for families about how they can best support their kids with autism. Autism Hope Alliance also helps educate the community about natural dietary and supplemental supports for autism that help children feel like their most complete selves.

Autism Society

The Autism Society is an organization that has been around since 1965 and began a nation-wide campaign in 1970 to promote the awareness of autism during the month of April. The Autism Society hosts a national conference on Autism every year to provide the most comprehensive and up to date education to help communities support their local families affected by autism. Their nation-wide affiliates also help create beneficial policies through state legislature while also organizing local benefit events and education.

Find Opportunities to Educate Your Friends

If you have family members with ASD, this month is a great time to spread awareness and education through your daily interactions. The Autism Society provides ribbons with a puzzle pattern, the most common symbol that represents autism awareness. Wearing the puzzle ribbon is a simple way to show your solidarity with the autism community while also providing a noticeable conversation starter for those around you.

Attend a Community Event 

Find your local Autism Society affiliate, or other local non-profits, to see how you can get involved. Attend an education event to learn more about autism and how you can support those in your community. You can also ask about how you can help organize events that benefit children with autism, such as sensory friendly films.

Celebrating National Autism Awareness Month is a perfect opportunity to get involved in helping your community, educating those around you, and making a lasting change. If you are relatively unfamiliar with autism, this month can be a great way to start learning more and to discover how you can support people with autism in your neighborhood.