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How Swimming Helps Kids with ADHD

Posted by Gabriel Williams on
How Swimming Helps Kids with ADHD

With the winter blues far behind us and with plenty of bright sunny weather ahead of us, it’s time to take in the summer warmth. This is great news for parents who are looking for the best activities for kids with ADHD since swimming is one of the best therapeutic activities for kids. Beyond simply being a ton of fun, there are plenty of reasons to prioritize time at the pool this summer.

Swimming is a Flexible Activity

One of the reasons swimming is so fun is because there is so much potential for different activities. Unlike other physical activities, such as running, swimming isn’t so repetitive and strenuous, yet it makes for excellent exercise. This is because the activity of swimming lends itself to relaxation and a more immediate relief from exhaustion due to the surrounding gentle pressure of the water. Because of this, kids with ADHD are better able to stay focused on swimming without losing interest. Plus, there are so many possibilities for fun games that you can play in the water.

Swimming is an Individual Sport 

This isn’t to say that kids with ADHD are unable to participate in team sports but jumping straight into team sports may be overwhelming for kids with ADHD. Starting with individual sports like swimming is a great way to make sure your kids are getting great physical activity while boosting their confidence when it comes to participation in athletics. Swimming provides plenty of opportunities for interaction and making friends, but it primarily relies on an individual level of performance.  

Swimming Burns Hyper Energy 

Kids with ADHD, especially if they are the hyperactive type, struggle with feeling excess amounts of energy throughout the day. Swimming is a fun, engaging activity where your child can channel that excess energy into something productive. Plus, it doesn’t take very long for swimming to become physically tiring, meaning that you won’t have to take too much time out of your day for your child to get a good amount of energy out. And again, swimming is much more engaging compared to other types of workouts, making it less likely that your child will want to give up early.  

Swimming Builds Focus

Because swimming is especially engaging for kids with ADHD, it essentially rewards maintaining attention, helping to build attention skills outside of swimming. The aerobic exercise that your child gets from swimming also helps boost brain activity and sharpens cognitive functioning, including better mental focus, improved mood, and reduced anxiety.

This summer, find your way to a pool where your kids can enjoy some fun in the water while giving their bodies and minds a major boost. *Never leave children unattended while near a pool or body of water. 

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