Fun Outdoor Art Projects for Kids

The summer season is in full swing! With plenty of warm and sunny days ahead of us, right now is the perfect time to find any excuse to get outdoors. While getting outside for some physical activity or for a nature walk are great ways to experience the outdoors, your kids may not always be up for something that takes so much energy. However, doing fun art projects is a great way to have some fun with your kids. By doing art projects that get your kids outdoors, you can help them experience some fresh air while exercising their creativity.

Popped Bubble Art

popped bubble artSince this has the potential to get somewhat messy, it’s best done outdoors with some old newspaper spread out. This art project is incredibly simple and easy to do in your backyard or on your patio. Simply add food coloring to bubble soap and have your kids blow bubbles over blank poster board. Pretty soon, they can watch as the blank canvas turns into a mosaic of fun colors in fascinating shapes.


Backyard Tic Tac Toe

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe (Image: Kelly Smith)

This fun art project can turn into a fun game your kids can play outside whenever they want. To start out, you can have your kids explore around to find some good smooth rocks. Then, you can all paint your rocks to create your own custom game pieces. You can use a simple piece of wood with a cross-hatch painted on it as your game board. If you want, you can even use this idea to create your own outdoor checkerboard as well.

DIY Airplanes

Making your own fun outdoor toy is quite a bit easier than you think! All you need for this project is some foam craft sticks, clothespins, and glue. Start by cutting out a large wing for the front end with curved tips, and two smaller wings for the dual-wing tail. Now, just take a hot glue gun and piece it all together. Within minutes, your kids will have fun toy airplanes that can toss around in the yard while soaking up the fresh air.

Stick Wind Chimes

stick wind chimes

This is another great project that encourages your kids to get outside for some exploration. Together, you can all find some sticks lying on the ground to use on your art project. Once you’ve collected a good bunch and broken them up into foot-long pieces, you can get to work painting your sticks in exciting colors. You can peel off the bark and sand it down first or leave some sticks with bark for some texture. Then, attach some hooks to the tips of the sticks, thread some twine through, and find a place to hang your colorful creation!