Bearded Dragons as Ideal Pets for Children with Autism

A boy looking at a bearded dragon

Bearded dragons can make excellent pets for children with autism, offering numerous advantages that make them an ideal choice for families seeking a therapeutic and low-maintenance companion. In this article, we'll explore why these reptiles are particularly well-suited for children on the autism spectrum. We'll delve into the calming effects and therapeutic benefits they provide, their ease of care compared to other lizards, and practical tips for introducing a bearded dragon into your child's life.

Calming and therapeutic effects:

Their social but laid-back nature gives bearded dragons a calming and therapeutic influence on children with autism. These reptiles' gentle disposition, predictable behavior, and manageable size make them suitable companions for kids who may be overwhelmed by more energetic or unpredictable pets. Bearded dragons thrive on routine, and their serene presence can provide a comforting sense of stability and predictability to children with autism or sensory issues. This can help reduce anxiety and provide emotional support for kids navigating the challenges of autism.

Advantages over other lizards as pets:

Bearded dragons offer several advantages over other types of lizards, such as iguanas, monitor lizards, or those requiring a more humid environment. Their relatively small size simplifies housing and handling, making them a practical choice for families. Furthermore, their omnivorous diet, consisting mainly of vegetables and insects, is straightforward to provide and maintain. Unlike lizards with specialized or complex diets, bearded dragons adapt well to prepared diets available in pet stores, reducing the overall effort involved in feeding them. Additionally, their hardy nature and resistance to common reptilian health issues make them less demanding in terms of veterinary care, lowering the overall responsibility and stress associated with lizard ownership.

For children with autism, they make a remarkable companion:

Bearded dragons offer calming and therapeutic benefits while being easy to care for compared to other lizard species. Their serene presence, manageable size, and straightforward dietary requirements make them a practical choice for families. The calming effects and therapeutic advantages of having a bearded dragon as a pet can greatly enhance the well-being and development of children on the autism spectrum. So, consider welcoming one of these gentle reptiles into your child's life and watch as they form a unique and enriching bond.

Bearded dragons can also serve as an emotional support animal:

If you're considering having your bearded dragon as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), there are certain steps to follow for legal certification. To begin with, your Bearded dragon must be registered with an Emotional Support Animal organization. While the Emotional Support Animal Registration of America (ESARA) is one of the well-known options, there are various organizations that can assist with this process.

To complete the ESA registration, you'll require a letter from a licensed medical professional. This letter should serve as certification that your Bearded dragon is a legally registered support animal, and you need it for your emotional well-being. The letter should include essential information like the physician's name, contact details, and diagnosis (e.g., if you have a mental health condition) and specify how having your Bearded dragon contributes to your emotional support. Keep in mind that this letter typically needs to be renewed annually to maintain its validity with most agencies.

Once your Bearded dragon is registered as an ESA, it's crucial to carry the necessary documentation when bringing them to public spaces. When planning to visit places like bars or restaurants with your Bearded dragon, it's advisable to call ahead and inform them of your arrival. This advance notice allows them to make necessary accommodations for your ESA.

Additionally, you might consider purchasing an identification vest for your Bearded dragon to wear in public areas. Carrying a harness and lead can be beneficial if you need to let them down for a moment. Investing in a portable carrier is another practical option to provide your animal with breaks from crowded spaces during outings.




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