Backyard Water Game Ideas for Endless Summer Fun

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer sun as a kid is to run around the yard while getting soaked with water. Not only does the water provide some relief from the blazing heat, but it creates lots of opportunities to get creative with fun games you can play in your own backyard. If you’re looking for some ideas to have on hand tokeep your kids active during the summer, check out these easy water games that your kids will love.

Backyard Water Hockey

Your kids and their friends can make some fun memories splashing around in your backyard with this simple backyard water game. All you need is a plastic tarp, stakes, and pool noodles. You will also need a small ball and perhaps some duct tape to mark boundary lines. Lay out the tarp and use the stakes to keep it from sliding around. Then, put two stakes in the ground on either side as bases for your pool noodle goals. When your DIY court is complete, your kids can try to see who can score the most points while you hose down the tarp to keep everyone cool.


Not to be confused with the underwater cartoon character, this game adds a new spin to the game of baseball. Add some plates around your backyard for your kids to use as the field and get a plastic bat that’s easy to swing. However, instead of your typical wiffle ball set up for backyard, get some porous balls made out of sponges that will soak up lots of water. Keep a bucket of water with your spongeballs at the “pitcher’s mound” for easy access. This way, each play lets your kids cool off while they enjoy some fun in the sun.

Water Balloon Toss 

This one’s like the classic egg toss game, only the consequences of losing are less messy and don’t waste perfectly good food. Your kids can see how far they can step back from each other while tossing a water balloon back and forth before one of them inevitably gets splashed. It’s a simple competition that your kids be entertained by for while as they get some quality time outdoors. 

Frozen T-Shirt Race

This one takes some prep, but it is a perfect fun game to play for backyard play dates with your kids and their friends. Soak some t-shirts and put them in a freezer overnight so they are frozen and ready for the game the next day. Be sure to keep them separated so they are usable for the game. The game is pretty simple: each player tries to put the frozen t-shirt on and the first one to do so wins. It’s sure to be entertaining for everyone involved and is a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with the classic water gun fight or slip n’ slide. But these fun ideas will keep your kids wanting to get outside to enjoy some fun physical activity, which is always one of the bestways to treat anxiety naturally and to help with sleep issues. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen on hand and watch as your kids have an active and fun summer!