Autism/Sensory Friendly Play Outside Day

Family Playing Outside Autism National Play Outside Day

Are you ready to embrace the great outdoors with your family? National Play Outside Day is here, and we have something special for our autism community! Whether it's the first Saturday of the month or any day, let's celebrate Autism Friendly Play Outside Day together!

Benefits of Outdoor Play for Autism

Outdoor play is not only fun; it also offers numerous benefits for individuals with autism. Here are just a few ways it can positively impact our loved ones:

  1. Sensory Freedom: Playing outside frees us from confined spaces and allows our sensory-seeking kids to explore the world around them. The fresh air, sunshine, and varied textures stimulate their senses in a natural and therapeutic way.
  2. Enhanced Social Skills: Outdoor play is an excellent opportunity for positive social interactions. Our children can practice communication, cooperation, and turn-taking while enjoying playtime with family and friends.
  3. Mental Clarity: A change of scenery can work wonders for mental clarity. The outdoors offers a refreshing environment that can help our children process information and foster creativity.
  4. Physical Development: Playing outside provides fantastic physical activity that supports the healthy development of our children's bodies and minds. Running, climbing, and swinging encourage gross motor skills and coordination.
  5. Stress Relief: Nature has a calming effect on us all. Spending time outdoors can reduce anxiety and stress levels for both parents and children, creating a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Autism-Friendly Outdoor Activities

As the seasons change, we have unique opportunities to enjoy outdoor play. Here are some autism-friendly activity suggestions for every season:

  • Spring: Explore nature trails, identify flowers and wildlife, and have a picnic at a park.
  • Summer: Visit a beach, splash in a shallow pool, or have a fun-filled water balloon fight.
  • Fall: Play in a pile of leaves, go on a leaf scavenger hunt, or have a calming sensory walk in a colorful park.
  • Winter: Build a snow fort, create snow angels, or simply take a quiet winter stroll to observe the snowflakes.

How to Celebrate Autism Friendly Play Outside Day

This day is all about celebrating outdoor play in a way that suits your child's unique needs. Whether you explore a nearby sensory-friendly playground, have a nature scavenger hunt, or simply run freely in a quiet spot, remember to focus on the joy of being together and embracing the outdoors.

Share your Autism Friendly Play Outside Day adventures on social media using #PlayOutsideDay. Let's inspire and support one another within our autism community!

National Play Outside Day History

In 2011, Aaron Wiggans and Rhonda D. Abeyta founded National Play Outside Day to encourage healthy outdoor habits for families. Now, we're excited to embrace Autism Friendly Play Outside Day as a special celebration tailored to our unique community's needs. Let's make every day a day of play, exploration, and connection in the great outdoors!