Neural Balance Testimonials

My grandson has made great strides since starting with Neural Balance. He sleeps better! He is calmer and focuses better. He now has very few meltdowns and seems to be absorbing information easier. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have something we can turn to on this journey to him.

Rosalinda L.

  • "Neural Balance is my saving grace. My son David is almost unmanageable without it but he is truly a sweet boy. It has improved his quality of life more than I can tell you. He has a very sensitive palate but he loves the taste and even asks for it when he is starting to feel aggressive or overstimulated. Thank you for such a great product!"

    -April T

  • "My son, Ethan, would have angry, crying outbursts and it was difficult to get him to complete homework. After only a week on Neural Balance the outbursts have stopped and he has been completing his math homework without wandering around. He's definitely more calm and focused. My sister and brother-in-law even noticed a difference in him today. While at their house he was much more calm and easier to get along with. This stuff is amazing!"

    -Natasha H

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  • "This is my 20 yr. old Thomas. When my grandkids would fuss, cry, or act out it would make him nervous and he would withdraw and lock himself in his room. He doesn't like too much noise or being around a lot of people. It was hard to get him to mingle with the family. He has been on Neural Balance for about 3 weeks. I can honestly say on the second day I noticed a change. We both have seen such a big difference in his demeanor. He has been drinking this twice a day. I find him to be more patient with others and he has also just been taking things so much more relaxed. He has been coming out his room more often and even talking to me more. It has mellowed him out and he tells me he doesn't feel stressed. He has been able to stay in the same room with my grandkids when they are acting up. That is a positive and a plus in my book. I thought it was expensive at first but now that I see what a difference it makes, I don’t care how much it costs, I would pay it. It’s worth it."

    -Jackie Q

  • "My whole family enjoys taking the Neural Balance. It tasted great and is never a problem to get the kids to take it. It gives everyone a sense of overall calm and well-being. I noticed an improvement in the attitudes and ability to focus in all of my children. The house became more peaceful as the supplement took the edge off. This will continue to be a daily staple in our household."

    -Devi M.

  • "Almost too good to be true! Neural Balance has changed both my son and my daughter’s lives for the better! I even tried it myself and within about 15-25 minutes, felt more focused and calm and more productive. My 16 year old son has struggled with ADHD and Bipolar disorder his whole life. This product has been amazing natural support for him. My 10 year old daughter has dyslexia and struggles to focus - but not when she takes Neural Balance! She is able to complete her work and her teachers notice a HUGE difference. As long as my kids live under my roof, this will be a staple item in our home!"

    -Dianne O.

  • "As a mom I passed on my ADD/ADHD to my kids. My daughter and I have the most active symptoms so we both have been taking this product. Within just a week we were both sleeping better (major insomnia issues for both of us). I am still in college, plus with my job, I am always having to read and retain a lot of info and I have noticed so much improvement with my daily studies, scatter brain and memory. My daughter's mood swings have been so much more stabilized also. All around, I am thoroughly impressed with this product and highly I recommend it!"

    -Jami O.

  • "My son has ASD. This product is amazing. It’s hard to describe what change has occurred. It well rounded change. In all aspects. Anxiety, Focus, Speech. I'm so glad that for once we have found something that is working. "

    -Brian M.