Parent Portal

Parents and Caregivers,

During a recent meeting, one of our staff members noted how helpful the parents are to one another in our Neural Balance Support Group on Facebook. We all agreed that the group is a special place where families help one another and offer their own perspective on things. It’s very cool to see a mom or dad post a success story to the group with a big thank you to the members for their advice and support.

Then we had an idea.

We thought, “What if we start a weekly column that contains content from parents and caregivers? What if we give our community the opportunity to share tips, triumphs, failures, and lessons learned?”

We think you have a lot to offer one another so we’re doing it!

We call it “The Neural Balance Parent Portal” and we want to hear from YOU!

Write about something you want to share and that you think others will find useful. Share how a stranger was kind or how you dealt with one who wasn’t. Tell us if you discovered a way to unwind at the end of the day or if you take more of a “suck it up buttercup” approach.

We don’t want to debate. We don’t want promotions for businesses or products. And we don’t want to talk about controversial topics. There are plenty of places on the net for that. We want to help, to bring hope, and to encourage one another. What you share may be the very thing someone else needed to read. So, let’s get this party started! Put your thinking cap, or your dreaming hat, on and submit below!

Type or upload your entry here and hit the submit button when you’re done.*

*By submitting your entry you are agreeing that Spectrum Research Group may use this content and/or reproduce it for the purposes of marketing, PR, education, or any other means available. Your entry is subject to approval. Any content may be rejected without explanation based solely upon our staff review. We may edit content for grammar, spelling, or explicit content. We reserve this right in order to maintain the standards of our community and to remain consistent with the theme of this section of our blog.