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NeuralBroc Cellular (60ct. Capsules)


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The future of Phase 2 detox is here. NeuralBroc™ Cellular combines truebroc® with ultra-bioavailable UltraCur® Curcumin to boost Phase 2 enzymes:
· Enhancing intercellular detoxification.
· Eliminating free radicals and pollutants.
· Protecting healthy cells.
· Supporting a natural defense against the stress caused by environmental toxins and by-product pollutants.
NeuralBroc™ Cellular is an excellent, daily, gentle cleanse that will set the stage for maximum efficacy of Neural Balance® with Anandanol® or for other quality nutrients and supplements.
Directions for use: Therapeutic dose (two weeks) Ages two – 10yrs., one capsules twice per day. Ages 11+, two capsules twice per day. Maintenance dose (daily) Ages two – 10yrs., one capsule once per day. Ages 11+, one capsule twice per day.
NeuralBroc® Cellular combines two powerful ingredients to offer potent Phase 2 detoxification, antioxidant, and nervous system support.
truebroc® is a powerful form of glucoraphanin extracted from three-day old broccoli sprouts to insure highest potency and uniformity of levels. Our gut flora converts glucoraphanin to sulforaphane. Sulforaphane belongs to a group of compounds called isothiocyanates. In 1992, Dr. Paul Talalay, MD and colleagues at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine identified sulforaphane as the most potent natural inducer of Phase 2 detoxification enzymes. These enzymes eliminate many types of free radicals and environmental pollutants and trigger ongoing antioxidant action that lasts for up to three days. These compounds and their mechanisms have been studied extensively and are supported by more than 1,700 scientific publications.
Well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin also has beneficial neuroprotective properties. We use Ultrabroc TM ultrabioavailable curcumin for its superior absorption and quality.
Two things to know concerning the presence of
whey and milk in NeuralBroc:
Why did we use whey protein in UltraBac given the prevalence of milk sensitivities especially in children? Quite simply, bioavailability. The UltraCur® curcumin technology uses whey protein as a scaffold on which the curcumin rests. As the body digests the whey protein the curcuminoids get absorbed right along with it. Whey protein is one of the fastest absorbing proteins periods. Whey protein is completely absorbed in 20 minutes.
Still - for those of you with kiddos that have milk sensitivities you should evaluate whether this product is for you.
Many milk sensitivities are purely lactose intolerance issues. If bloating, gas, and stomach pain are caused milk products, it could very well be a lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is a condition where the body no longer makes the enzyme that is required to break down the lactose sugars that are loaded in milk. These sensitivities are typically to multiple gram quantities. In our whey protein isolate we only have a residual 10-20 mg of lactose per capsule. These levels are typically not anything near for a child to react.
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